BARLEYmax wholegrain At A Glance

BARLEYmax®︎︎ is a superfood developed over many years by
Australia’s CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and
Industrial Research Organisation). It supports a healthy
daily life with its rich nutrient content, centered on dietary
fiber, and its wonderful flavor.

component component

The Unique Dietary Fiber
of BARLEYmax®︎︎

Total Dietary Fiber Content

Source: THG BARLEYmax®︎︎ Better Nutrition Report 2019

Total Dietary Fiber Content

Total Dietary Fiber Content

Source: THG BARLEYmax®︎︎ Better Nutrition Report 2019

BARLEYmax®︎︎ has twice the total dietary fiber
content of typical barley
. It is rich in dietary
fiber compared to oats and rye as well.

Three Types of Dietary Fiber

Total Dietary Fiber Content

Source: Partially amended from THG BARLEYmax®︎︎ Better Nutrition Report 2019

BARLEYmax®︎︎ contains Dietary fiber such as
fructan, beta-glucan, and resistant starch
providing support deep into the intestines.

Total Dietary Fiber Content

Source: Partially amended from THG BARLEYmax®︎︎ Better Nutrition Report 2019

Other Nutrients

BARLEYmax®︎︎ is rich not only in dietary fiber, but also iron, zinc,
and vitamin B6,
providing extensive support for health.

Table of ingredients
Table of ingredients

Source: The contents of each vitamin/mineral in BARLEYmax®︎︎ are values measured by Japan Food Research Laboratories.
Other values are calculated using the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan – 2015 – (Seventh Revised Version)

Low GI

BARLEYmax®︎︎ has a glycemic index (GI) of 24.3. The GI is an index indicating the rise in blood glucose level following consumption of a food.
A lower GI indicates a property of sugars being absorbed slowly, with foods having values of 55 and lower being deemed “low-GI foods.”

Table of ingredients Table of ingredients
Sweet Taste

BARLEYmax®︎︎ is a type of barley with a highly sweet taste. In addition to being healthy, it has an enjoyable flavor.

Table of ingredients

Unit: A unit unique to the manufacturer. If it is different by 0.5, the average person can recognize the difference.

Source: Internal measurement data
*Hitomebore (grown in Yamaguchi Prefecture) was used for the rice, and Hindmarsh was used for the barley.

What we do

Bringing science to food.
Delicious health, starting
with the intestines.

Based on the philosophy of “enhancing the quality of life,” Teijin has consistently provided
“functional materials” needed by society and by the times in a wide range of fields including
healthcare and various materials, such as fibers.
Currently, with society reaching the era of 100-year lifetimes, there is a need to increase the
healthy lifespan.

Our Vision

  • Teijin has cultivated technologies and knowledge through the development of
    materials and pharmaceuticals, and Teijin plays the role of leveraging these
    technologies and knowledge to maximize the potential of dietary ingredients and
    send them out into the world.
  • With a focus on gut flora, which has an effect on the health of the body as a whole,
    we will endeavor toward “enhancing the quality of life” by means of dietary
    ingredients such as dietary fiber.
  • Teijin, an ingredient manufacturer that “brings science to foods,” aims to
    contribute to the creation of a society where, as a matter of course, everyone can
    lead healthy lives by consuming delicious, natural meals.

R&D and Quality Control

Teijin conducts scientific research into the nutrition and deliciousness of foods with the pride of the
technologies and knowledge we have cultivated throughout the over 100 years since our founding.
We will continue to establish reliable brands by providing evidence-based foods and conducting
thorough quality control.

Examples of research and quality control
performed by Teijin

  • New ingredient development
  • Product development
  • Nutrient composition
  • Taste analysis
  • Pesticide residue analysis
  • Non-clinical studies
  • in-vitro test

Laboratory and office

Laboratory and office Laboratory and office

BARLEYmax®︎︎ has been covered
in many research publications.

Example: Report investigating the GI of BARLEYmax®︎︎


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